Feminine Style of Four Female Celebrities

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Many popular female celebrities love being a woman. Dresses and skirts, ribbons and bows, they will come up with any excuse to wear the latest frilly fashion and do it in style. These popular famous females know how to dress up and show off their feminine mannerisms with a unique fashion all their own.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the ultimate girly-girl. No matter what she wears she always seems to be dressed appropriately and still knows how to stand out. Her fashion is always current and cute. Taylor’s style has evolved from flowery and flowy to intelligent, modern and edgy. Her gowns and costumes often have sparkles which shows off her youth in a somewhat flirty way. Her makeup never ceases to appear soft and feminine while bringing out her best features and bright face. She’s someone to be admired as she’s a big supporter of social change and feminist causes.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is best known for starring in the popular television series The Hills. Pretty pastels and flowery prints make up a large part of her wardrobe. She’s preppy with soft facial features and long, blond princess locks. Her polka dot tops and frilly sleeves stand out in a subtle way and that’s why many young women still love her. She even has her own online boutique and fashion blog.

Emma Watson

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson is the very definition of what it is like to be a lady. Long, elegant dresses made of soft fabrics that flow down the red carpet are her signature look. She frequently wears her long brown hair in amazing updos for different affairs while many young women try to emulate her regal and respectable appearance. Besides being an actress, she’s also a humanitarian who was named the UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2014.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has it all, the perfect body with curves to match and an individual style to die for. Perfect manners show the genuine side of a lady and this is certainly true for Kim. Whether she’s speaking on behalf of herself or others, she knows how to be polite but still make a statement no matter what. With a positive, sweet attitude like hers it’s difficult to find anything to envy. Revealing, sheer fabric and curve-hugging gowns and other pieces make up the bulk of her unique style that always makes headlines. Fashion risks are practically an everyday occurrence for this beauty who loves to show off her curves in women’s dresses. Besides her appearance, she has a big heart as she supports charitable causes like the Dream Foundation and homelesseness.

Many of these women are not only stylish but also humanitarians. Appearing feminine in public is often a crucial part of maintaining the reputation of a respectable, well-liked female celebrity. Poise and ladylike manners also make their personalities and style loved by fans. Some other feminine celebrities are Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Blake Lively and Lily Collins.