The Origins and Purpose of Those Questionable Yuletide Sweaters

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It’s that time of year again. Holiday spirit is going to spread across the nation happily and everyone will have a different way of expressing their joy. There will be parties with family and friends, Christmas decorations galore, and plenty of Christmas television shows to inspire your spirit this year. And of course, carefully executed in the midst of all this will be a drive to sell the universally panned but beloved ugly Christmas sweater across the Internet and even in stores.

The history of the notorious sweater is as colorful as the unsightly sweaters themselves. We all know that they exist and by now we’re even familiar with their history, but what purpose do these fashionless sweaters serve to increase the Christmas spirit?

First things first: They’re not ugly to everyone of course. To some, especially aging Americans, they might even be kind of neat. Not everyone has the same fashion sense and surely there are some people who don’t view these sweaters as that much of an eyesore. They’re intended to be just that, though, by the creators. And we all look at them and scoff, but we also laugh and wonder, “Should I buy one of these?”

The sweater isn’t the only “ugly” apparel that’s trending right now either. Ugly clothes in general have been making waves for quite some time now, with their oversized buttons, tacky lettering, and out of place in time fashion sense. The Christmas sweater just stands out a little bit more in a crowd. Christmas itself always makes something a bit more memorable than it usually might be. While an ugly sweater from any season is going to be tacky and appeal mostly to a sense of humor rather than a fashion sense, it’s one of many clothing items that are out there in the world today, making it just a little funnier.

While no one can say what exact purpose ugly clothing serves in the lives of people, we can guess that first of all, it’s an appeal to a sense of humor. Anything that breaks routine in the usual mundane nature of life is going to bring a smile to one’s face. Bust into a party wearing one of these sweaters and it’s going to make Christmas memories begin occurring at a rapid pace. While more people wear them these days and yes, the novelty is less of a novelty these days, they’re also a reminder of years past when maybe these sweaters would have actually fit in at a Christmas party.

There are sure to be millions of people sporting sweaters like this around the globe and ringing in the New Year still wearing them. For these people, we’re grateful. It’s nice to have fun at the holidays and nothing is quite as fun as spotting someone sporting one of these atrocities at a Christmas party. The more people that sport them this season, the more we’re going to laugh and remember, and that’s what the season is all about: Fun.