Why Upping Your Interior Design Game is a Must for Day-to-Day Life

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Have you ever just walked into a space and felt completely underwhelmed? Maybe you spent a few minutes in a drab apartment and it just brought your whole mood down? Or maybe you’ve walked into a gorgeous room and felt all of your troubles melt away? How do you feel when you walk into your home? While there are many factors that go into how you may feel when you get home from work, interior design has a big role to play.
While there are many great guides out there on how to design on a budget, and others on how it can add value to your home, we’ll be focusing more on upping your game with inviting and eclectic pieces.

Indoor Greenhouses

If you’re familiar with Vincent Design, then you probably already know that indoor greenhouses do not have to be clunky. In fact, they can be works of art that compliment your home, add ambiance, and provide you with fresh herbs and veggies. You can purchase pre-made mini greenhouses in a variety of styles sure to suit any suite, or you can take a crack at some DIY designs.

Eclectic Throw Pillows

Whether you like to update your home’s look daily, seasonally, or just here and there, having a collection of interesting throw pillows is a great way to change the whole feel of your home on a whim. From geometric pillows to pillows with interesting textures, plain pillows to pillows with pop culture pictures, you can dress a room up or down in an instant.

Fixtures & Lighting

Don’t settle for basic fixtures and lighting. From rustic fixtures to upscale touch numbers, you can really bring the interior of your house to a whole new level just by swapping out doorknobs, faucets, light fixtures, and handles on things like your drawers and cabinets. Add in some accent lighting or lamps with interesting shades to really make your home feel brand new.

Shelving & Storage

Whether you’re a fan of shelves or prefer to use footstools with hidden storage, there are many types of designer storage options that can keep your house looking awesome and organized. The shelves provide a neat way to not just keep things tidy, but display pops of color, seasonal touches, and bits of personal flair.

Accent Pieces

From rugs that add a pop of color, or help main pieces stand out to vases that can eat up negative space or play home to interesting bouquets, using accent pieces to sway the feel of your room. There’s practically no limit to a number of accent pieces you can use, though typically picking just a few per room can provide the best results.

Whatever way you choose to up your game, it’s important to make your home feel good for you. Interior design is fun, it can add value, and it can make your place pretty to look at, but the true reason to invest in interior design is that it’s supposed to make you feel better. You should feel better at home.