6 Uncommon gift for Him to Declare your Love on Valentine’s Day

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Saint Valentine’s Day is a day enriched in romance. It’s s day that gives people a reason to celebrate love. Have you planned your bit of surprise for him or not? There is no dearth of unique Valentine’s gifts for him, but we often suck in confusing situation, isn’t it?

When it comes to picking gifts for men, we often think of gadgets, gizmos, and appliances. That’s right; men have a special place for everything gadgets, but at times, they also want to try something new. That’s a human nature, we long for one’s affection more. As we do expect something surprising from them, they do think of the same. Yes, men are no different in receiving surprises.

We have compiled a series of surprises for you to baffle him! Check it out below:

Make a gift basket

There are varieties of sites offering online gifts for him. A gift basket is one of those thoughtful gifts you can count on. A basket with all his favorite goodies would really be amazing. Make it romantic by adding into it a few interesting items. Wrap it beautifully and place it at his den. He’ll be surprised for sure.

A jar full of coupons

Take a jar and fill it with coupons that he would redeem later. The best thing is that these gift coupons aren’t the ones he would shop around. But these are the romantic ones with a dash of naughtiness. Write a hundred kisses, quality time and more on them and put it in the jar. With no expiration date mentioned, he’s sure to enjoy these coupons for months to come!

Pack a grooming kit

When it comes to practicality and thoughtfulness grooming products always top the list. Create a pack and put into it colognes, moisturizers, lotions, shower gel, bath salts, oils and more. Although men are rough and tough creatures, but a bit of grooming and a pack of grooming products never hurt.

Create a scrapbook

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to relive memories. Make a scrapbook and fill it with the pictures of you two. If needed, mention the time and date in a chronological manner. Put pictures of special days and let the memories rekindle romance write a few love quotes to let him know you love him unconditionally.

Visit the place you first met at

If possible, give him a big surprise. Take him at the place you both encountered each other. It could be the place you first met or kissed or went movie together. Visiting old places and reliving those memories will cheer you both from the core.

Set a romantic dinner together

Nothing echoes love for men more than food. Yes, the way to a man’s heart starts from his stomach. Cook delicious cuisines and set the mood for a romantic candle-lit dinner. Set the mood by playing soft romantic music in the background.

This will elate him for sure! So ladies, go knocking the socks off from your men and make him feel special with these gift ideas.