A map with a clear vision

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Travelling is a great way to reduce stress, step out of your comfort zone, explore new places, be adventurous, take risks, meet new people, experience different cultures and taste a lot of new local delicacies. Travelling is a gateway to new experiences that can never be bought, memories that can never be forgotten and knowledge that isn’t taught in school. One of the reasons why people tend to travel a lot is because of the diversity of culture they get to meet. This thirst for knowledge is what drives them to travel.

One of the most important things to bring when travelling is a map. The map helps travellers where to go, gives them directions and of course, let them know where they’ve been. For the frequent traveller who wants to remember where he or she has already gone to, instead of crossing out places in the map, why not get something more appropriate such as a Scratch Map. The purpose of scratch maps is to give these travellers something that they can display and remind them where they’ve already been, sort of a checklist of places without needing to really check anything. Scratch maps come in different looks and styles and probably the sleekest looking one of the bunch is the clear edition of the infamous scratch map. To check the product out, you can head on to https://www.scratchmap.org/shop/scratch-map-clear/ to have a closer look.

Where to go to next

The scratch map in general is a way of keeping track of places where one has already gone to. Of course since you probably have already been to a lot of places, keeping track of every place you have gone to can be quite burdensome. Why spend all your time taking down notes when you can be out on the road, travelling. Scratch maps work by allowing you to well… scratch off every place you’ve been to so you’d know where you should go next. It’s sort of like your checklist but packaged in a more stylish way where you can frame it , hang it and quite possibly, serve as inspiration for your travels.

Scratch to clear

Unlike more typical scratch maps wherein after you scratch out places, it reveals a more colourful and detailed map underneath, the clear version of the scratch maps feature a silver foil wherein you can still scratch out the places you’ve already been to but instead of revealing a more detailed map from underneath, the places you scratched out disappear, leaving you with only the places you haven’t already gone to. In this context it can serve as a helpful reminder that you still have a lot of places to go to, new experiences to discover as well as new cultures to immerse yourself in.

Scratch maps are a fun way of keeping track of places you’ve already been to, not only is it functional, the aesthetics make it a good centrepiece or display in any room. It sort of looks like your very own trophy of accomplishments wherein you can see all the different places you’ve already been to and where you haven’t yet. Seeing all the places that you haven’t gone to yet may well be the inspiration and drive you need to travel more often until every place in the map has already been scratched out.