Whatever the gadgets your kids are using right now, you should know if it is safe and could not affect their health negatively. Gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and portable game consoles are often used together with headphones and many headphones out there poses threat to your kids in a way that it could damage their hearing senses because of the intensity of its volume level.

Nowadays, headphones are one of the essential gadget kits for kids especially those who want to listen to music, watch a movie or play video games and they are subject to intense surround sound and sound effects that they hear in their headphones. Most headphones nowadays boast great sound quality and bass quality but do they care about the damage of excessive volume level and sound effect that does to its user’s ears? This is why it is essential to invest and purchase headphones that are specifically designed for kids.

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Luckily there are speaker brands out there that manufacture safe and child-specific headphones just like the JBL kids headphones that are light and safe for the young ones. A child-specific headphone is important to keep a child’s ear protected from loud sounds from the music or movie they are watching especially during long road trips or flights or maybe just hanging around the house.

Child-specific headphones are very different to the regular headphones used by adults. Some people make their children use their own headphones without knowing the danger it poses that could hurt the child’s hearing ability. Child-specific headphones are tailor-fitted for the child’s relatively smaller head shape, it is built and designed comfortably and most especially it is limited to a certain volume level which is safe for children.

Just want to share, the maximum noise level advised by a lot of health organizations is 85 decibels and a child’s recommended decibel level is way lesser than that as per recommended by health organizations. Regular or average adult headphones usually have 115 decibels which are like hearing a freight train passing by and this is already harmful to the ear that could lead to hearing loss just by maintaining a volume level like that for 15 minutes a day.

Luckily, there are headphones that are child specific which is also programmed to shut off after two hours of listening and has 80-decibels or less volume level but other health organizations recommend 70-decibels as the safe noise exposure level for children because the 85-decibel noise exposure level is recommended for adults.

However, headphones that are 70-decibel and below have relatively lower sound quality and quieter compared to the 80-decibel or 85-decibel noise exposure level headphones but in the long run, it could still damage the hearing of an average human being.

To keep the children’s ear safe from being damaged to high noise exposure levels, the parents should make simple measures by getting rid of the bud style earphones because of its tightness that does not let the noise come out. Instead, replace it with the ones that are fitted out of the ear.