Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Home

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Flowers are the perfect addition to any room. They brighten up the place, make it smell amazing, and they just look wonderful. With the right flower arrangements that suits the room décor, colors, and setting, you can transform the look and feel of any room. This simple addition can give it an elegant, classy vibe, a casual vibe, a formal vibe, or vibrant upbeat vibe –  whatever look it is you’re looking to achieve, there’s a flower arrangement for it. Below we present you with some flower arrangement ideas for your home.


We suggest you start with neutral colored flowers if you the room has a bright backdrop. They are also easy to pair with other flowers and colors based on your preferred look. White flowers also lighten up any room with a touch of elegance and purity. On the other hand, adding beautiful yellow flowers to your living room will give it a cozy warm look for example yellow tulips are a great option. Combine them with other neutral colored flowers if you want a softer look.

Flower type:

Roses are one of the most popular options because they’re easily found and can look good with lots of flower variations and style as well as fit most room styles. Not only that, they will also leave your room smelling amazing.

Lilly arrangements are best-suited for formal spaces such as an office room. They’re formal yet extremely elegant.

If you want a cheerful, upbeat and vibrant room, we suggest you go for daises. Their colorful and joyful nature will draw attention to them first thing when anyone walks into the room.

Sweet peas are great if you want your room to have that romantic vibe, which could be a great option for bedrooms.

If you’re looking for an arrangement for a casual setting, peonies are your best option.


When it comes to containers for flower arrangements, the possibilities are endless. There are a lot more options that just the traditional looking vase. Pick the container based on the style that you’re going for and the theme of the room.

An outdoor area such as a garden or in front of the windows is best-suited for a hanging basket, which is best used with plants such as lantana, begonia, geranium, fuchsia and silver bells.

Another option for the outdoor garden is window boxes to have hanged right in front of the windowsill.

You could get really creative in that area, so for example for baby rooms you could have flower containers in the shape of children’s toys or cartoon characters. For extra height and a more elegant look, go for footed urns.  For a sports party, go for a ceramic basketball/football/baseball flower container.

Other options to consider for an unconventional look are jars in a wire basket, watering cans, or wooden/ceramic buckets.

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