How to make your kids happy

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Making kids happy is a huge task because they are so moody. Sometimes if they have decided that they don’t want you, no matter what you do, they don’t recognize you as a friend and they will always stay away from you. Here are some things that in my guess help you to deal with children:


Toys are one of the favorite things of all the kinds of children. Some like to play all the time with others, while some like to have the toys of their own. They are not the sharing and caring kind of children. This is where the real duty of parents starts. They have to let them understand that things are not more important than the family member. If you fail to develop this thought in children, they will become highly materialistic in the future and this will only spoil the society.

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Some children are unique. They don’t like to have all the toys and accessories. All they long for is your time, which is rare for many parents these days. Both parents are doing jobs and there is no time for children left. Few children notice it all the time and they get reserved and shy as a result. So this is not at all healthy for you or your child. If you are blessed with a child, try to spend more time with them. If you don’t take some time out when they need you, they don’t take time out when you are old. SO if you want your children to stay close to you, give them time not money.

· Food:

Food is also one of the favorite things of children and when it comes to fast food, they will become your best friend if you let them have a bite. So if you want to have good relation with a child, take them with you to the mall and let them eat fast food there. Believe me, they would love to spend time with you after that.

· Love:

Not only children, but everyone deserves to be love these days. Although this has been mentioned at the end, but it is much more important than everything else mentioned above. If your kids realize that you love them no matter what, they will start showing your gratitude. This way you can change their personality, not by hitting them. Always remember that they are human beings and if you give them respect, they will return more, but when you don’t, they won’t care what you say too. So the best way to guide your children, regardless of age is through the language of love.