Must know reasons why Bomber jackets are trending in India

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Every year Fashion blogs and Google releases its Fashion Trend Report, giving us a data-soaked glimpse of what’s hot—and what’s not—in the world of fashion. The survey can track the rise and fall of all the styles we wear. And the big trend winner this year? Bomber jackets.

 We Indians tend to follow the western fashion trends or to be precise, copy all the trends emerging in US & UK. Kanye West, the most loved & hated celeb of the west (literally) was spotted wearing a bomber, said to be influenced (or vice-versa) by the new Fashion trend.

 When Selena Gomez donned a bomber look, there is an involuntary reflex to follow her fashion & life because she is believed to be the epitome of everything ‘Trendy’. In India we have seen Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranbir Kapoor stealing the show with their Bomber Jackets for Women and Men.


Coming to the main part of the story – Just type ‘bMen online India’ and enjoy your time searching for the perfect one. Now, where can you buy depends entirely on who you are. Select your category –

  1. If you love bargaining on the streets or shop online.
  2. Zara or H&M or branded showroom.

If you are between these 2, you can opt for or Both of these brands have good quality bombers & options to choose from. has an awesome collection but order only if you are planning to wear them next year, delivery of can really upset you.

A bomber jacket can be identified by its elastic cuffs, front zip closure, and defined neckline. They come in a range of styles and fits, from slim to straight fit, standard waist length design and are available online as well as offline. They almost look better left unzipped.

Bomber jackets for Women/ Men in India are suitable for all age group to be it cool moms to funky school/college going girls to working class, the bomber jacket is always a solution!

Why should you buy this particular piece of clothing?

Looking for something trendy but simple that’s a little bit more unique and edgy? Opt for Bomber jackets for Women/ Men.

They are light in weight, comfortable to carry. At the topmost priority, bomber jackets come in so many different colors, prints, and pattern that is what which suits every age group and can be carried in every season. Bomber jackets are available in leather, cotton, silk, wool, hemp, linen fabric so you have the liberty to choose your bomber jackets as per your own comfort. Need something a little bit more choosy and unique? There are lots of floral patterns out there to choose from a wide range of bomber jackets.

Trending Bomber Jackets for Women in India.

  1. Velvet Bomber

Velvet bomber jackets are a really fun way to make a class statement. Suites for every body shape and size.

  1. Graphics combo

Casual weekend at the work!? Printed graphic t-shirt and bomber jacket combo is the style you need to try.

  1. Button Up

If you like wearing button up shirts, unzip your dark color bomber jacket over it with a casual or formal footwear over it. It’s a simple way to show off your sense of style.

  1. Slip show

Slip dresses are super adjustable and can be dressed in any way. For a casual look, try slip dress/t-shirt set and toss a bomber jacket over it.

  1. Comfy Look

Leggings, T-shirt, and a bomber jacket is the one we need to complete the cool and stylish look.