Picking the Perfect Watch Winder

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Any watch connoisseur, dealer, or collector will want to keep their watches protected and running in top shape. For this, automatic or self-winding watches need to run at all times. This type of timepiece is designed to wind itself when worn using the wearer’s natural wrist and arm movements. But those who own several watches won’t wear the same one each day. Once your unused watches start to lose power, they are likely to stop displaying the accurate date and time.

Although you can rewind a watch that has stopped and even correct the date, the task of rewinding and setting several watches can be time-consuming. When it comes to dealing with this potential annoyance, a watch winder is probably the most viable solution. Watch winders often come in the shape of boxes fitted with holders for holding the watch as the device rotates, keeping the timepiece wound. To help you pick the perfect watch winder, here are the most important features to consider.

Integrated timer
This feature helps reduce the strain exerted on the delicate internal systems of a watch. An automatic watch’s winding mechanism is designed for sporadic micro-movements, not the regular motion of a turning watch winder. As a result, most watches won’t need more than 30 minutes inside a watch winder daily in order to stay in time. But how do you ensure your watches are not wound for more than the required time? Well, this is the purpose of an integrated timer.

Motor quality
You’ll want to get a watch winder that has a high-quality motor. This is important because quality motors are usually precise, silent, and durable. Although such motors can be identified by their pricing, other factors can lead to good deals. You can look for a motor that has a low profile and electronic circuitry. Grinding and grating motors are more susceptible to wear and tear than the silent ones. In addition, poor-quality motors can overstress expensive watches that have been crafted with precision.

Multiple motion settings
With two ratchets, self-winding mechanisms can take advantage of both clockwise and counterclockwise motion. However, rotation in one direction will wear down one of these ratchets more than the other, potentially making the watch more susceptible to damage. Although single-motion winders are probably less expensive, winders with multiple motion settings are the best option because they can alternate the direction of spin automatically.

Multiple-watch holder
Winders that can hold multiple watches are a sensible choice if you have more than one watch. For instance, you may have purchased several watches to serve different functions. You can have a watch for work, leisure, sporting events, or to match your outfits. Although multiple-watch holders are not as common as single-watch holders, they can be used to display multiple watches at the same time.

Apart from the considerations listed above, you probably should take aesthetics and design into account too. Even though a well-designed box has little bearing on your winder’s functionality, it can make all the difference if you are winding a high-end watch. This is because the winder is often used as a display case. Pick a winder that will accentuate and complement the craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal of the watches displayed.