Top Features of Pakistani Designer Lawn Collections 2018

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Summer is here Y’all, which means new lawn, obviously. Pakistani ladies rarely wait for something else like they do for new summer’s lawn. Summer in Pakistan is the longest season, swelling with scorching hotness and humidity. It becomes imperative that people wear fabric suitable for this weather. Previously, summer was all about cotton but now lawn is largely preferred. A little modification to the cotton fabric to make it more absorbent resulted in lawn. Not only it is practical but also stunning.

Pakistan has a number of Designers that introduce new Lawn collection for every Spring/Summer season. So what’s new this season? What has the Summers Lawn Collection 2018 in store for us? Let’s find out.


The name needs no introduction. People became familiar with Khaadi since its opening 18 years ago and the brand gained nationwide acclaim in the span of merely two weeks. The brand specializes in hand-woven technique which instantly became popular among the ladies. Khaadi’s  spring/summer collection 2018 mainly focuses on Prêt wear, for which the brand is so popular but in addition to this, we saw a number of other features that are noteworthy.

  • Pastels

From the international Vogue, we knew that the Summer of 2018 is the Summer of pastels. Khaadi brought this trend home with a large range of pastels in the Spring/Summer Collection. The pastel yellow is sprinkled liberally in the Lawn range. We all know summer is incomplete without a yellow kurta but the bright yellow is hard for everyone to pull off. That’s wear pastel yellow makes its entrance, the lightest hue compliments most of the women. Khaadi introduces pastel yellow one pieces as well as contrasting blue-gray with pastel yellow prints.

  • Traditional Patterns

A few years back, geometric prints were trending. For the ladies who were sick and tired of the traditional designs and wanted a more modern look that incorporates western fashion, geometric prints were like a breath of fresh air. But in 2018, traditional patterns see a rise in popularity once again. Most of Khaadi’s Spring/Summer Collection features traditional mosque and floral patterns.

Sana Safinaz

One of the biggest retailers in Pakistan, Sana Safinaz always introduces the best prints to Pakistani Fashion. The designers’ at Sana Safinaz leads the fashion trends in Pakistan and same is the case with their New Spring/Summer Ready to Wear Collection 2018. We observed a number of new features that any fashionista should consider while planning their daily wear.

  • Neutral Tones

Neutral tones have always been popular all over the world and in Pakistan too, because of their versatility. You can wear neutral tones at every possible occasion and rock it. Sana Safinaz’s Spring/Summer Collection hugely sports neutral tones. We see neutral brown, skin color, pastel purple and light gray more frequently in the collection. In addition to neutral tones, big floral prints that cover the while fabric are more visible than small floral prints. Moat of the designs are simple and with only one focal point.