Vapor Pen Black Edition – Benefits and Drawbacks

The Black Edition Vape Pen is a wax vaporizer pen made by the well-respected vaporizer brand. This vape pen is an excellent investment for vapor enthusiasts of all experience levels, as it provides many benefits for users, while having only a few small drawbacks.

Benefits of the Black Edition Vape Pen

  • The Black Edition Vape Pen is pleasing to the eye, with its all black design.
  • The vape pen boasts an excellent build quality, with a weighty feel and a high degree of durability.
  • With the Black Edition Vape Pen, you can expect vapor quality that is really second to none compared to other vapor pen options. To see different vapor pens, see
  • Water filtration accessories can be purchased separately to make the vapor smoother and cooler.
  • Provides an industry best lifetime warranty on the Black Edition Vape Pen.
  • Vapor enthusiasts can sign up for a lifetime atomizer replacement program, and have replacement parts sent to them on a regular basis, for only the price of shipping.
  • Black Edition Vape Pen gets hot in 5 seconds or less.
  • Very compact in size, the Black Edition Vape Pen can be easily carried in your pocket.
  • Unlike many other micro vape pens, the Black Edition Vape Pen has a locking atomizer, so it will not come apart in your pocket.
  • The Black Edition Vape Pen can be charged with a wall adapter, or a USB cable right out of the box, without any additional accessories needing to be purchased.
  • Pass-through charging technology allows you to vape with the Black Edition Vape Pen even when it’s plugged in to charge.

Drawbacks of the Black Edition Vape Pen

  • The Black Edition Vape Pen retails for around $100, making it one of the pricier vaporizer pens on the market, particularly for a model that only vaporizes waxy concentrates and is not a multifunction vaporizer.
  • Properly placing waxy concentrates on the atomizer may be tricky for beginners, but it can be mastered after a few tries.
  • The heating chamber of the Black Edition Vape Pen is rather small. Those who prefer longer vape sessions will need to refill frequently
  • There is only one temperature setting provided.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other vaporizer pens, the Black Edition Vape Pen has the longest possible warranty, and provides truly impressive vapor quality. As a result, it’s well worth its higher price point. Even those who will have to deal with frequent refilling, are likely to find the vaporizer pen fully meets their needs due to its quality design. Overall, the wax pen receives a score of 80/100.